Every Word Means No — Ultimate College Rock Video

In honor of the recently announced return of MTV’s 120 Minutes, I thought a flashback was in order.

What better than “Every Word Means No” from Let’s Active — the ultimate 80’s College Rock video?:

DMI Tip: Why is this the ultimate “80’s College Rock video” — I’m glad you asked:

1- This is Mitch Easter’s band. Mitch of course produced R.EM.’s Murmur, aka as the definitive College Rock album of the 80’s.

2- The band, Let’s Active, is simultaneously under-appreciated and legendary.

3-  The ‘dancing in place” two-step move that bassist Faye Hunter employed is textbook. Belinda Carlisle took this move mainstream in the video for Our Lips Are Sealed”.

4-  The college-rock pogo is also in full affect. Note, this is a slower and gentler pogo than the 1976-1978 British Punk version.

5- The fuzzy sweater vests. This look certainly swept College Radio programming offices throughout the early 80’s. Kurt Cobain took it to a whole other level when he went full-fledged Cardigan in the early 90’s.

6-The eye-makeup. Many folks think Pete Wentz took “guy-liner” straight from the 70’s Metal and Glam acts;  but College Rock certainly had its eye makeup run too. Pun intended.

7-Big hair. Big guitars. Small drum kits.

8- It sends signals of innocence and prolonged adolescence. Note the puppies.

9-The song, “Every Word Means No” put the J in Jangle.

10 – Let’s Active and ‘Every Word Means No” remains to this day, completely obscure. A College Rock necessity.

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  1. I am hanging my head in shame – never heard one lick of this band. Just a wee bit too young. Thanks for posting this!

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