On Bruce Lundvall


I only spent time with Bruce once, but it was special and made a gigantic impression. We connected at an Al Green AOL Session he attended as chairman of Blue Note. As we watched Al sing his heart out in a small studio, I thanked Bruce earnestly for allowing us to attend and capture something so magical. He spent the next 15 minutes sincerely thanking us for our efforts, and talking with absolute humility about he had never seen Al sing in such an intimate setting, and how appreciative he was of our efforts in “letting” him (Bruce) have such a incredible musical experience. It was easily one of my best days on the planet. RIP.

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  1. I had been thinking about Bruce quite often over the past few weeks, knowing of his being institutionalized for Parkinson’s disease, and was seeking out folks who might have been interested in putting together a tribute to Bruce Lundvall. I was searching for Herbie Hancock’s publicist so I could start with him.

    I just got off the phone with my dear friend and fraternity brother, Jim Kaufman, who informed me that Bruce had recently died. I knew he was challenged by Parkinson’s, but thought he was still with us. Bruce, Jim, I, as well as hundreds of other Delta Upsilon Fraternity brothers at Bucknell University, loved music, but Lundvall made
    it his life. What an amazing obsession….

    What a great man.

    Bruce Lundvall was unique in his laser focus on America’s only original art form, jazz. He was a man who was committed to music, especially jazz, and to those people who were also committed to it. Bruce was one of a kind, and we are all better off because he spent his time making sure jazz didn’t die in America. It has more followers in other nations than here, so he worked tirelessly, diligently and so effectively for decades to preserve, promote and enjoy this amazing art form.

    And finally, understand that my friend knew that all of this happened and happens best through the commitment, love, and talent of the individual.

    Dick Boddie
    Richard Benjamin Boddie, J.D.
    Huntington Beach, California
    (via Rochester, New York}

    P.S. I still would like to proceed with organizing a well deserved tribute to the man
    who has made such a difference to so many, whom in turn continue to make such
    a positive contribution to the world. Any takers?

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