Wired Zings Ping — Not Full Snark, More Like Tough Love.

When Steve Jobs announced Ping in September 2010 he positioned it as

Facebook and twitter meets iTunes

No word from Apple yet on usage statistics and the like, but the last couple of months have been tough from a press/blogsphere perspective.

In November SAI Business Insider named Ping their #6 Biggest Tech Flop of 2010.

As both a music geek, and a advocate for artists, I think there’s still great potential in Ping. ¬†With the right features and thinking, it could work. I would love a primarily music focused Social Network filled with artist exclusives and information, and light on dating and diet come-ons, and cat videos. But only if it has features as good, as satisfying, as what my friends and I can experience with Facebook. And only if the artists voice feels real and believable.

Now, Wired takes this advice further in a fairly balanced recent piece:

2011 will be a key year for Ping.

Stay tuned.

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