You Want a Computer Virus? — Search For This.

Recently I visited a friend whose PC was overtaken with pop-ups, spy-ware & various debris.

The victim will remain anonymous, to protect the guilty.

Although it should be pointed out, he was a big music fan. Big.

After cleaning up the mess, I directed the guilty party to this Spring 2010 list of dangerous search terms from McAfee.

If you want your computer to be hacked, or to run like Jerry Garcia did in the 80’s, search for these terms:

1. Word Unscrambler

2. Lyrics

3. MySpace

4. Free Music Downloads

5. Phelps, Weber-Gale, Jones and Lezak Wins 4x 100m Relay

6. Free Music

7. Game Cheats

8. Printable Fill in Puzzles

9. Free Ringtones

10. Solitaire

Dig deep, and safely, into the full McAfee study here.

DMI Tip: Searching for individual celebrities is also notoriously risky.

Did You Notice: 5 of the top 10 most dangerous terms are music related.

Final Take: Perhaps Napster should come with a fully integrated Best Buy Geek Squad option?  Just imagine, $39.99 a month for unlimited legal streaming and a monthly house call?  While we daydream, let’s throw in  seamless billing with your ISP contract too.

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